Game Develop Upgrade

Hello, I upgraded to the latest release of Game Develop today. When loading in a project created under last release, the sprites no longer show up. When I select one from the object editor, it appears as a red circle with a white X in the center. Do the sprites have to be loaded in manually again?

Thanks for your time .


Strange bug, can you send us your project (with all the pictures) ?

Maybe the sprites are in a different place from before?

My apologies… image files were pointing to a directory that no longer exists , rather than to the image files contained in the directory with the project. Sorry - I’m still learning this great software. :slight_smile:

Perhaps GD should ask to copy images when importing to game’s directory (unless they are already there) instead of just blindly inserting whatever path user pushes, to avoid such issues?

Also IMO GD should always try to use relative paths.

GD already always try to use relative paths. :wink: