Game difficulty

Is there a way you can change difficulty in a game ?

The only way I can think of is creating 3 different versions of each scene with enemies set to different speed and when the player chooses the difficulty they click say easy, normal or hard.

Is there an easier way to implement a difficulty ?


Use variable, if currentLevel=“easy” then set enemySpeed=100, if currentLevel=“normal” then set enemySpeed=150 and so on, then set enemy (object) speed to enemySpeed.

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I’d say that would be for a certain kind of game. Like maybe an endless runner or a casual game though.:sweat_smile:

If it’s a game that doesn’t have a complex enemy AI or a casual game of some kind like an endless runner or shooter game, @pqrs method is a good method of changing the game’s difficulty. Tighten it with the use of global variables and storage.

But if it’s something complex like a metroidvania, you would have to create new scenes and then tweak the enemy’s parameters such as increasing their overall health, the amount of damage they inflict on the player, or also by redesigning the level to be more challenging on top of that.
But that’s just my method though. :slightly_smiling_face: