Game Folders Manupulation

So, I am usually very organized in my work, and I decided to create a new folder for background parallax scrolling images, which then caused me to further organize the folders. All good on the PC side, but this thread is to help others who want to do so realize that this does change the location of the images in the .json file and the game does not recognize the changes made externally.

Therefore, I now have to re-uopload, making sure that duplicate names already stored in the .json are not there anymore to cause image manipulation or failed updating, all images in my GUI folder :stuck_out_tongue:

Its ok, but lesson learned here! Make sure to organize your game folder and make changes only internal for safely updating and keeping information in the scene and together (especially if you have objects with many animations!!!).

If you re_upload an image to an animation, and it still does not show up, it could be single instance related, and therefore you might have to visit the resources folder and delete the stored image there first, then retry an upload. Or if that fails, delete that instance in the scene first and then the object and redo the whole object.

EDIT: The origin points and such will default again, so changing them back will line everything back up in the scene.

Hope that is helpful. Now, back to work!

It doesn’t fix the problem, but in such emergency you can edit the game.json file, and search for the resources list, update the file paths and you are ready :slight_smile:

That is actually something I was looking for until we can get options for it going jaja I actaully went to the %appdata% looking for resources there, but I did not know you can edit the .json, so thank you!

At the moment that will be perfect and save time for me, believe or not. Then I can just “x” out the level tab and reenter into the level tab for refresh :slight_smile:.

I know it’s temporary but useful at the moment :smiley: