Game Freezes For No Apparent Reason

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a new game and the game usually works fine…

But then, without any reason, the game freezes itself (both when testing on pc or my phone, it freezes.)

I have tried exporting via cordova, exporting via gdevelop export and in all of them, the game freezes.

Funny thing is, that freezing doesn’t happen in a special condition, it just seems to happen randomly.

Can anyone help me with that? What can I be doing wrong?

Have you added any while loops lately?

Try play older versions of your game, find the latest stable version and try to pin down what changed, to narrow down the freezing factor.

If it freezes in preview, press ctrl-shift-i and look for errors in the console tab.

Thank you for the tips @Slash and @Gruk,

I think I have found the solution by using “trigger once”. :wink:

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