Game freezes when switching to specific level with Boids Movement based boss

everything is fine for the other levels, and this level works great in a preview, but it crashes when i play level 6

@arthuro555 do you happen to know how to fix this?

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

First, you should share screenshots of the settings you use for this behavior, so we can try on our side, and you should try to reset the settings to the default values, to see if it works.
Second, arthuro is not the author of this behavior, so please don’t ping him.
I believe @planktonfun and @davy are the authors, but they probably won’t be able to help unless you provide more details and information.

Do you have several objects in the scene using this behavior?

A bug like this was fixed recently. Make sure you have the last extension update.

yes, two 'boss_hand’s and one ‘boss_head’

i updated and it still didnt work

copy the text and paste it into gdevelop events editor to see the code for the bugged scene

I can’t paste the text in GDevelop.
Do you have the exact same error message with the last version (0.1.2)?
Can you share a small project?

I was able to paste it (there are two “lines” to paste separately), but there are several unknown instructions, extensions I guess.
Please share a zipped small project demonstrating the issue.

Oh no a bug

There were 2 gdevelop clipboard in the pastebin

I see behavior is being enabled/disabled

try adding a conditions that checks if boids behavior is enabled as a temporary workaround