Game got corrupted

How do I bring back a corrupted game

i was working on my game when my pc bsods
and when i booted gdev it said its corrupted, i check the save folder and the json is litrally empty

i have been working on this game for over 6 months please help


If it’s a local (non-cloud) project, and you haven’t kept backups, there’s not anything people here can do to help if the json is empty.

You might see if your computer has prior versioning turned on:

But otherwise, without you having kept backups, we cannot assist with restoring local files.

hmm, well i have previouse version of the game installed as an exe thing, and i can extract the asar file, can i just put it back in gdev? cuz it has all the assets and whatnot?

Unfortunately no. That is just the asset, not the project data. You cannot go back from an exported game to the source project, unfortunately.

How about the autosave from your last preview?

corrupted too but dont matter anymore, amma just recreate what i lost

Oof, I recommend you make a backup save of your games Incase that were to happen, I hope things get better soon for ya,

You can give it a try with FreeRecover

It’s a very powerful software that, in some cases, allows you to recover deleted or overwriten data.

I recommend not doing anything else on your computer until you run this program. Avoid running games, deleting, downloading, renaming, or moving files, and refrain from watching YouTube videos or using social media. The less you use your computer before running this software, the higher the chances of successfully recovering your data.

If you don’t have it already, you’ll need to install .NET Framework to run this software.