Game Input Manager

ok, now I am not saying change the way you define input for the game in game develop. This request is to add a GAME INPUT MANAGER to gamedevelop, like the one in UNity for example:

What it does is- it lets you store the game input in different slots. Even name the slots. Then later when you code, instead of directly calling your keyboard or joypad’s input directly, you can optionally call the slots that you have created instead.

This would allow the game designer to change input based on feedback of Q&A testers quickly. It could also be useful if you add the ability to affect the slots from the game’s logic- so you can program e controler input options window in your game if you wish.

I know this soulds like a bonus feature to have- but it really is something that is currently and very obviously missing in scirra Construct2- annoyingly so. It is a nice way to get ahead of them.

Yup, would like something like this.


I just read don_ron’s topic on “[solved] change the keys of the plattformer automathism” and the answer from Lizard-13 in the “Help for games creation” part of the forum.

Lizard-13 descibes there the way to redefine the keys for the platformer automatism by “simulating a key”.
This is certainly the solution atm, but it looks more like a workaround and as this it’s not really very intuitive.

When working with the platformer automatism I’d expect the keybindings to be part of the automatism properties.
By that the automatism would become much more selfexplaining.
Connecting this to blurymind’s suggested game input manager would be good for a comfortable and intuitive usage of GD.

But would be harder to add conditions to the Platformer movement, you should have a condition to detect Platform Automatism key pressing, and an action to confirm the movement. Or a binary action “Allow Platformer to move” (yes/no)… … nfig-host/

it would if you are making anything other than a platformer- which usually is the case if you want your game to have an original design :slight_smile: