Game is not approved on apple app store

game is not approved on apple app store. i know it is not your case maybe but it says my app is similar to other apps on app store but it is not copied app i have added my designs, so i think it is code problem and app store thinks i have copied game code, but i just used gdevelop platformer starter template and created full game with my designs, so how can i fix it?


Unfortunately, we don’t have any visibility to app store policies or what it views as too similar. You will need to get more detail from Apple directly on what they think the issue is.

Note: The most common issue I see from people is that they leave the default project name or information in the “Packaging” section of their project:

If you didn’t update that, there’s a good chance that is what Apple is flagging. If you did update that, you’ll have to get info from Apple.

Thank you for quick answer. i know it is not your competence but i thought maybe you can help me. i have changed all the information in the packaging section. so they saying same as if i steal anyone’s game and added my designs and they flagged my game as spam. don’t know it is bot or not but i texted mail and they still saying same :frowning:

Think with that pattern

  1. What game is it
  2. Why isn’t it approved
  3. How long has this been an issue
  4. Who can we contact to get the situation resolved
  5. Are there any other app stores that sell the game
  6. Is the game available on android devices

it’s platformer game.
it says it is copycat 4.3 (but it is not)
app rejected one month ago and i trying to fix it.
i contacted apple support but they texting me same messages which not helping me.
there is google play store where i have added this game and it is approved