Game is super bugged for no reason?

How do I…

I have a pretty simple system involving collectables in my game. It’s supposed to have a little “E” indicator that appears above you while you’re overlapping with the collectable to show you which button you’re supposed to press, and then it disappears along with the collectable when you press it.

This has worked just fine for most of my game development process, but suddenly the indicator stopped appearing when I added additional features. I tried removing the events that had made it stop working, with no change. To make matters worse, it’s making a completely different and unrelated asset change opacity when collected, for no reason.

This screenshot is from the external event that handles all the collection stuff for the Winged Light.

I also have other screenshots of the issue, but the forum won’t let me upload more than one because I’m a new user.

I have no idea what happened or I’m doing wrong and I’d really appreciate any insight you can provide.

I think you can get around that by adding replies to the thread and post an image in each reply.

Thank you, I didn’t think of that!

This is most of the events from the scene itself, including anything that mentions objects related to the collectables.

This is a screenshot of the scene before collecting the item. As you can see, no ‘E’ indicator comes up.

And finally, this is the scene after pressing E to collect the item. The collection of the item works as intended, but the water turns transparent for some reason.