Game lack or freeze

Hi, I am having a problem with my game. Sometimes my game is able to go and display the second scene upon choosing the correct answer for the question asked. However, sometimes the screen just lack or freeze at the same scene even after choosing the correct answer.

Can you post a screenshot of events sheet?

Can you make that a screen shot of the events & actions that open the next scene? What you’ve snapped doesn’t any of that.

Also, your code seems to suggest option 2 is always the correct answer. Is this what you intend, or would you rather the correct answer is randomly assigned to one of the 4 options?

I can’t see any action to change the scene. I think that Pic is only to show up the 1st question? Are you intend to repeat that code 15 times? If so, it’s not the correct logic to do it.

Yes the codes are repeated.