Game like KOF or Street Fighter

I want to make a KOF-like game (i don’t really know how to say it/spell it, my english is terrible). So I was wondering if there’s a tutorial or something that can help me. Thanks in advance.

If I recall well, I put an example of a very basic Key Combination System so you can use moves like Hadoken or Shoryuken in Gdevelop.

Not perfect, but may be useful.


Another important part of a fighting game is the idea of hit box and hurt box. They are both areas of the screen, overlapping the characters, that provide collisions for players hitting each other with attacks.
In Gdevelop, you can create custom collision masks for sprite objects (“edit collision mask” from animation edit screen of sprite objects)
In order to have both a hurt box (area where a player can get hit) as well as hit box (area where players attacks will hit the other player), you could have two objects follow the player’s sprite. There is an extension called “Stick objects to others” that can be used to make a hit box object and hurt box object follow the player sprite object. You can use events to make these objects invisible since you only need them to test for collisions in your events.
You can then test for conditions like “hit box of player 1 is colliding with hurtbox of player 2” to trigger actions for getting hit for player 2