Game like Lifeline?

Hello guys! Good to be back after an extended break, haha.

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to create a game like Lifeline with GDevelop?

I can’t really get my head around it for some reason.

Any and all ideas would be very welcome.

Do you mean like a “create-your-own-adventure” game with multiple choices?

Yes! But more to the point: something using text in that way, as well as real-time clocks to trigger notifications.

But developing the core game, the “create your own adventure” type thing where the text scrolls, with the look of a communications device (maybe a phone or something).

Do you mean speech recognition as Lifeline does? Because there isn’t an easy native way to implement speech recognition in GD5 right now.

Use timers.

Well, if you want a communication device you need a communication device sprite and then included it in the project and then display it in the scene.

About the text scrolling, you can use individual text objects for each sentence and then scroll it modifying the Y position value of each text object, or use a single text object and make the events to show just the last five (for example) notifications in a message qeue (a message qeue can be done using variables).

Hope that helps, but I think you need to be more specific about what do you want and wath exactly aren’t you understanding how to do.