Game looks blurry and pixelated on iOS

So this is what I’ve done-

  1. Created a platformer game using the platformer tutorial.
  2. Exported game to HTML5 using- File- Export to web
  3. Hosted the game on a server
  4. Opened the link for the game (eg- on iPhone 6 and iPad 3 (both running iOS 8)

In GDevelop, I’ve set my game window to 1024 x 576 px. There are many .png image assets of variable sizes, ranging from 32 x 32 to 1024 x 576. Most images are not in power of 2 format and have arbitrary sizes (eg- 34 x 25 px).

The problem is that the game looks very blurry and pixelated. Like it’s made in a very low resolution.(Screenshots attached). The game runs without any issues on Android, PC and Mac.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening only for iOS and how it can be solved? Thank you.

Any ideas guys? I really have no clue how to solve this. :confused:

I really like to help, but I don’t know what’s the problem :confused: Haven’t use so much html5 (or IOS), that I don’t have face any issues like that. But maybe you can show us your events where your game goes full screen or when game window stretched size of the screen? :slight_smile:

This is the only event I have for screen behaviour.

This is the only event I have for screen behaviour.[/quote

Is your iOS machines screen size 1024 x 576 or different? I think you should use action that you change size of the screen → the window width and height of the scene window :slight_smile:

And is this supposed to be in web page or have you thought to put it google and iOS shop? You didn’t use Intel xdk?


The iOS devices have different screen sizes. Not 1024 x 576. I’ll try this event and action. Thank you.

I only want to host it on a website and make it playable from there on any device.I’m not releasing it for iOS or android. That’s why sticking to Html5 only.

I’m not iCrap (sorry, no offense dudes) specialist, but can be related to dpi ? An image on a computer have 72 “Dot Per Inch”, iPhone are know for their great visual quality because they use 326 dpi (iphone 6), i’m sure of how does it work but if could be related ! It’s strange if you don’t have problem on android, because most of the android device are 200+ dpi.

I don’t know if HTML5 engine support camera/scale, but it’s important to have screenport/viewport wich will adapt to any kind of resolution : ctrl+shift+M shortcut will help you yo test different screensize on firefox. You also can give us the link of your game if you want us to see.


Should I keep the action as it is or have any value in the brackets?

No values, if I remember right… :neutral_face: Only put NO to the “use this size as default size for new new scene cameras”

Thanks. I’ll try this.