Game overview on export

As an “anti-oops” feature, it would be nice to remind the user of some details about the game before the actual export, e.g. the name of the starting scene, the game icon, the total game size, the game title, and the current version (and perhaps show the date and version of the previous build?). Perhaps it could also mention if there are useless or missing resources.
A couple of times, a lot of useless resources were added to the project without my knowledge, and I ended up exporting a game of +100MB instead of 16MB.
And I stopped counting the number of times when I forgot to update the version number before exporting. :sweat_smile:


Even better if we could edit those information right before exporting. When we choose export, a window could pop-up so we can review but also edit those info right before exporting and we don’t need to quit export go back to settings and choose export again.

Again, could be even better if GD would remove useless resource from the export for us instead of reminding only.


This would not just be an IDE issue. As I’d love to have command line build possibilities to assemble GDevelop exports into maybe full website builds the abovementioned information should be displayed but also be controllable to some way via command line parameters.

Maybe it would be easiest to define a build.json file that hosts all these parameters. It would be the storage for all the data a user enters, but it could be generated externally and given to GDevelop for export only.

Maybe for you as a programmer it would be easier, but don’t forget that this engine is meant for everyone. Splitting the project file would be more confusing and cause problems than help for the biggest part of the userbase. You can already just modify all of that in the json file. Really, if you are talking about building via command line it shouldn’t be a problem for you to write a script that parses the json, Modify those values and write them.

If you are experimented enough, nothing stops you from downloading GDevelop.js (libGD.js) and to write a script for exporting the project. But yes it is also planned on the roadmap to add a CLI export option.


I totally agree to not mind which file contains the information. :slight_smile:

But that data is already contained? That is great.
I assumed it is not as GDevelop asks for the output directory on every export that I trigger…

Is the structure of game.json documented somewhere? Or does a schema exist?

No, but it’s really not complicated. Just open it, and all the properties (what interrests you) should come ffirst and then the events (wich are not always easy to read as JSON). Normally to interract with it you would just parse the json and use Core/GDevelop.js to interract with the resulting object before reserializing to JSON.