Game Preview Lag while sharing screen over Zoom?

Yesterday, I was sharing the preview of my game with a friend over Zoom and noticed some serious lag while doing it. The game preview runs perfectly fine locally (when I’m not sharing the screen over Zoom, or streaming video at the time, etc). This might be a stupid question, but is this normal in any way for this to happen? I understand a lot of resources are being used while on a Zoom video call, but is the GDevelop preview somehow dependent upon your internet speed at the time if you’re using the engine locally (not cloud-based)?

I also noticed during the screen share session that some sound effects were playing at a much lower volume than what they should be.

Again, I might just be clueless here, but is this even something that can be fixed or optimized? Or is the preview window always going to run slower when on a screen share call due to a lot of resources being used at the time? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me!

Usually, any screen shared through Zoom and Google Meet and stuff becomes laggy.
You could maybe try closing all other apps and/or (if using certain PCs) turn on optimization mode for performance (or the other option… can’t remember what it’s called :expressionless:).

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GDevelop games do not require an internet connection nor is the performance capped by it, but Zoom etc use the graphics card a lot to draw and redraw the video feeds constantly, for the image to look live, and that will make GDevelop render much slower since it also uses the graphics card.

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Thank you both for the information. I figured this was the case, but thought maybe there was some way to optimize it. I’ll figure out a different way to share the game footage next time. Thank you!

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