Game resolution problems in Samsung mobiles

Hi, I´m having an issue with my game in some new Samsung mobiles: The game screen shows bigger than the mobile screen, so there are elements of the game that user can´t see.

I tested myself my demo game in more or less 10 mobiles, and I had this issue with just one Samsung Mobile, but yesterday, my demo received this Review and Valoration in Google Play:

The users mobile is a Samsung A32.

Here is how the game must show (tested in Xiaomis, Redmis, some Samsung and others):

And this is how some Samsungs Mobile run the game (you´ll see the game screen bigger than the mobile screen):

User can´t see the Inventary. Some elements are out of the screens…

This are the Game Settings in Gdevelop:

Well, I know it´s kind of weird problem since it happens just in some mobiles, but if anybody experienced something similar please let me know… If there is some way to fix it, it will be great! I searched in many places in internet and haven´t found the right answer. This is a little frustrating.
Could it be some default configuration of new Samsung cell phones?

Thank you all, and have a great year!

Resolution of your game is 1280 x 720 = 1.777(…) ratio
Samsung A32 1600 x 720 = 2.222… ratio

Probably the phones you tested on have a similar resolution to what you defined. Since you have the game resolution fixed (not adapting to either width or height), it results in a game size of 1600 x 900 px, which is bigger than the device’s height - hence why the bottom is cut off.

You can either change the game resolution to adapt to either width or height, or set the interface to be anchored to the bottom of the screen (with anchor behavior), which will make it stay at the position regardless of resolution.

Like explained here

Hello @ladansedesdamnes , thank you very much for your answer! After reading your answer, I had the following question:
If the resolution of the game is 1280x720 (fixed), and the resolution of the Samsung A32 has 1600x720… then the game shouldn’t be displayed as in the following image?

This is how I’m seeing it in other cell phones of different resolutions. (In the center and with black bars on the sides).
I watched the video and I’ll keep the Responsive UI in mind for future projects.
Thank you!

Well I would hope it would be displayed with just the side black bars which is what I would expect.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your selected option “Don’t change size” is causing issues because the game is going below the designed aspect ratio. You might try it by changing to “Change the height to fit the screen or window size”. Just ensure you uncheck “Update resolution during the game to fit the screen or window size”

(Edit: You might also try “Change the width to fit the screen” to see which one works better.)


Like @Silver-Streak said, it’s likely that having no resizing rule is the problem. That’s pretty much leaving it to chance, and it seems that phone is choosing to preserve width over height. What you want, from the picture you shared, is to preserve height and add bars on the side, so that would be “change the height to fit the screen”.

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Well, thank you guys for taking the time to respond this question.
And yes, now I can see whats the problem in my configuration.
@Silver-Streak @ladansedesdamnes thats must be the point.
I’m going to test it and then I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks! Patricio


Hello one more time! Today I uploaded the new version of the game with the new settings in the Play Store and I wrote to the user to update the app and he wrote me an email telling me that the problem was still the same as before. This time he sent me 2 screenshots of how he sees it. Samsung A32. Its resolution is 2400x1080. Any ideas? Attached image of the configuration in GDevelop and two screenshots of the user.
Also is very weird that game screen is towards right (?)

Users Screenshots

Project Configuration

Are you doing any events that change the resolution or zoom of your game?

If not, and you can’t reproduce it on any other device, it’s going to be something specific their device or that model of device. Not sure what else could be done.

Hi @Silver-Streak thanks for your answer again.
no, I have not added any event that modifies something regarding magnification, or resolution, or project size… just the general configuration.
Yes, it’s also weird because I tested it in Android Visual Studio on a 2400x1080 device and the game looks perfectly.
Possibly it´s something from that particular device and from the other one that I saw, both from Samsung. (May be any configuration or app that´s is changing device resolution when game runs… something like that?)
If I find the problem, I’ll tell you here, but I don’t have a way to test it since I don’t have that device.
Greetings and thanks for everything!