Game resolution???

Hey Guys! How’s every body. I am back after a long time. And I have started back again the project I had started long ago. I need to know That If I game resolution to whatever I like, will it automatically set the resolution to which ever device you are playing in? If you are understanding my English!


For native games, the game is contained into the window so it’s not stretched. In fullscreen, the game is stretched but the resolution is not adapted to the screen. You’ll have to do it manually.

For HTML5 games, the rendering area is stretched to fill the webbrowser’s page but the resolution is not adapted.

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Isn’t there a way to make a game with compatible resolution for all devices.

Make a settings page where they can select the resolution they want?

If you have a fixed camera size, there is no way to adapt the game for every device resolution without stretching the graphics or getting black borders…
You can design a dynamic camera size for common resolutions, here are some images to understand it:
But, as you can see, different resolutions will see different game zones, so you have to take it into account so everybody has approximately the same game experience.

So, afaik your options are:

  • A simple camera and set fullscreen (keep aspect ratio) ==> Black borders
  • A simple camera and set fullscreen (not keep aspect ratio) ==> Stretch graphics
  • A dynamic camera size and set fullscreen (you’ll have the right aspect ratio already) ==> Different view zones

Thanks Lizard-13 this helped a lot

I’m currently working on an “Anchor” behavior that will be able to keep objects at a fixed distance from the borders of the window (for example, anchor a score text to the bottom-right of a window, …). It will enable you to easily set up UI in various resolutions.

How can we do this with GDevelop!