Game Resolution

Hi Guys I am creating a simple game for myself.
The thing is I tried to connect two scene with an object when my (player) collide with a door (an object), the scene changed as well as the resolution of the game changed also. How do I prevent it?
My game resolution is Height: 150 Width 200.

Did you set the resolution in the properties tab in the game settings? Or are you using an event?

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I set the resolution in the properties tab. I only used event for scene changes.

Just to make sure: you’ve set the resolution to 150x200 in the Properties panel? Also, make sure you have it set to not change the width or the height when resizing…that might be causing an issue.

When you go to the next scene, what does the resolution change to?

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Nothing. I was using the example game event. probably that’s the reason. Now I start from the scratch and the problem was gone. XD
Thanks for the help.