Game Screen Not Aligned well and Buttons not working

So I am in the process of creating my new Game, Santa Crunch with Gdevelop. I’m done with level 1 and I’m doing level 2 now, I’ve set all the codes I need. So I decided to publish it, y’know to give it a try and here’s what I’m seeing.

In the first image, the proportions are not right. When I run it on my system, it’s okay, but on phone, why this?

Then some objects are not showing, like there’s supposed to be a brick wall behind Santa. And none of the buttons are working. Pause, virtual controls…none. Whereas it’s working perfectly on my system. Please I need help cos I’m getting frustrated. I don’t wanna waste my time doing a game that won’t be able to work for mobile.

Use the Network preview (next to debugger) to preview on your mobile phone.
That way, it will be easier to troubleshoot problems and to find the right game size.
And compare your controls with the touch controls of the platformer example to figure out what’s wrong.

Ok I will do that for the screen resolution. But about the controls, everything’s okay with it. I followed every step.

If everything was okay, they would work. :wink:
Can you share a screenshot of the events related to controls?

This is for the virtual controls

This is my screen resolution

And none of the controls are working?
Did you add the platformer behavior to santa?

Yes I did. All the movement and he behaviors are on Santa. Do you think that’s why? It’s kinda working on my laptop. Was I supposed to use a player hitbox? I thought I could just give everything to santa

One object may have several behaviors, but some of them will conflict with others.
Which do you have on santa?
What do you mean by “kinda working” on the laptop?

Hmm… well I gave santa all the codes for player hitbox and for the normal player. It’s working on my laptop, pardon my choice of words