Game size advice

hi guys,
for a top-down pixel art mobile game with 24x24 characters what game resolution do you recommend?
at the moment I’m using a 640x480 (4: 3) size with changing the width to fit the screen size.
since it remains too big for my characters, at the beginning of the game scene I apply a gradual x2 zoom, resizing the game to 320x240.
if I play the game from a PC I am very satisfied with the size, less so when it is played from the phone where the game is totally reduced.
I know very well that the dimensions of smartphones are 16: 9 so I am asking for advice on which size to choose since the game is mainly designed to be played by smartphones.
also I would like to leave the zoom effect at the beginning of the game scene.
is there a way to set a standard size and at the beginning of a certain scene enlarge the game size for a moment by creating this zoom effect and then return to the default size?

I would recommend a widescreen resolution for mobile gaming, yes.
You can change the game resolution with actions, but if a zoom is enough, I would suggest that you stick to a zoom.

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thank you gruk for your reply.
So do you think that the size that I am using now will fit?
if there is a better responsive size for multiple devices feel free to advise me

I recommend using 16:9 for mobiles… Aside from that, I can’t recommend any specific resolution, aside from the resolution of my own device, which is actually at a 2:1 ratio. :grin:

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