Game size is too big and is taking too long to load the scenes

Hello! I’m doing my college final project with GDevelop and I’m needing so much help on this!

I’m doing a story-based point and click game for tablets and iPads. I’m using the IPad pro screen size 2732 X 2048 px. Since my game have a total of 30 scenes and which scene have multiple png images and interactive possibilities to click on the game is becoming too big even if each image size is just some KB. Also each scene is taking too long to load. When I click on an element which leaves me to the next scene it’s not loading automatically I need to wait some time. Besides all that when I exported the apk file to test it on my tablet some of my layers disappeared and I don’t know why. Anyone can help me with this? I’m dealing with a tight schedule for this project and I’m kind of anxious with all these problems happening :frowning:

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How can we help you if you don’t share your project and don’t show us any events? :man_shrugging:
The only thing I can recommend is to use the debugger to check the number of instances and make sure that everything is the way you expect it.
PS: big and long don’t mean much, give us numbers.

From what you say, do you have a lot of sprites?
And a lot of large sprites?

Limitation from Android OS :

On Android, images are limited (downsized) to 2048×2048, even though the maximum texture memory size is higher on the device. The reason is most Android devices don’t have enough heap memory to load the image.

Then if you use very large sprites i recommend to cut theses sprite in multiple sprites.
If your sprite have a pattern you can use the object Tiled Sprite.

Whitout more informations i can’t help.

Hello Gruk. Thank you for answering me. Sorry for not having show any images. That’s because even it is my college final project this is also a confidential project that I’m not allowed to share. But I’ll try my best to explain with more details my issues right now.

I just have programmed the main screen and the first scene of a total of 30. My folder within the gdevelop file and all the sprites have together 30 MB until now. The Main screen just consists in a background image and 3 png clickable buttons. When you click on the “play” button you go to the first scene of the project. It is taking some time to go from the scene main screen to the first scene and I don’t know why. But when the firt scene is finally loaded we have some events:

  1. We have a character blink animation and when you touch this characters face their expression changes.
  2. We have a background music that can be stopped when clicking on a “music button”.
  3. We have a “help” button who shows a tip to the player about what they should do on this scene.
  4. And finally we have an “arrow button” which goes to the next scene.

That’s all I have for now. But As I said before when I run the game on the PC as an executable it’s functional but very slow to load and process the animations and events. But when I run the game on mobile and tablets most of the screen is black hiding some of my layers and I also don’t know why this is happening.

Here’s some screenshots of my progress just hiding the objects/file names and a scheme to help you to understand what’s happening on the scene:

Here’s a link of imgur to see the other images too:

Thank you in advance!

Hello Bouh! Thank you for answering me! I gave Gruk a more detailed reply about my issue so if you can check it too I thank you a lot!

Well, I think that it might be your sprites that take too long to load. Try in the resource tab to check on your sprites Always loaded in memory. The sprites should be “preloaded” then and won’t need to be loaded again on scene change.


Sprites are too big…
The engine if not set for use very very very very very large sprite.

Cut it in multiple sprites less large.

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