Game sprites not saved in project folder

Hello everyone:

I am new to Gdev so please forgive my basic question, I could not find any answers on the Wiki.

Whenever you add a resource to your game [e.g., sprite, etc.]…the game asks you if you want to save a copy of it in the project folder [recommended]. Do you have to do that? Will something bad happen if you do not [i.e., will you not be able to compile a game once you’ve finished making it]?

I just dont like adding a ton of sprites images in the project folder and cluttering everything up beyond recognition…I keep sprites separate in separate folders. Is that ok… or shall I follow the recommended settings and save a copy in the project folder?

Please help. thank you.

Hi!! Yeah projects won’t be able to call for those resources on other systems if you never had them duplicated into the game’s folder.

Like for example, you add an image resource into a project which is from C:\desktop\image.jpg and then press no on the pop up

When you share the game, it will still try to find the image from C:\desktop\image.jpg on other’s PCs and likely they won’t have the image saved on their desktop as well as the image won’t copy on the project’s export

I recommend if you want it neat and tidy, create folders in the project directory and put the resources in those folders before you add them to the project through GDEV and you will not get those pop ups. PLUS it will be organized :smiley: .

To answer the question first: Yes, in general you should always have the engine move the resources to the project folder, else you risk deleting/moving/etc the originals elsewhere, which will outright break your project.

To ask a followup question: Why does it matter if there are lots of files in the project folder? You should realistically almost never be looking in the project folder anyway after having added the resource, so it shouldn’t matter how many files are in there as far as I can tell.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply and your help.

I appreciate you help on this…I’ll be following your recommendation and adding the files to the project folder.


Thank you very much for your quick reply and your help.