Game testing

hey all been working on a game for android, I have a compiled HTML version of it uploaded and going to the website on your phone allows you to play it. Just after some general feedback. Can also be played on PC using the up and down arrow keys and the mouse to click on the shield and rocket activators. Anyway, thanks to anyone who does try this out

EDIT Some notes
Music is bugged ignore that for now
Quit game buttons are bugged they will freeze lock the game
Rockets may be slow moving, launch early but let me know if they should be faster

Apk file may be emailed by request if you wanted to try the built Android version as it is now but music is still bugged, works better as in it plays across scenes but for some reason isn’t looping atm or just randomly stops so am looking into that. Anyway enjoy :smiley:

Here’s a quick video of it running on my Samsung galaxy s7 phone