[Game][Uncanny Boy][In development]

Hello mates, so you know what I’m getting into these days.

Uncanny Boy - Is a human? is a robot?

A super absolute beta phase


That seems like an old skool type game- very cool. For a ‘absolute beta’, it looks great. The level design in the video looks well thought out so far, along with the slow increase in difficulty (number of challenges on the screen at once).

You seem to be pumping out quite a few games and templates lately, with great graphics and sounds. Is this a game about you - is a human? is a robot? :smiley:

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Looks cool and interesting!

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it’s cool. I love it.
Are you doing it all by yourself?

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Yes as always the music is the only thing I took from Daydream Anatomy, the rest is up to me.

What software did you use for graphics and SFX ? The Gdevelop standard ? (Piskel and JFXR ) ?

Graphics Aseprite for SFX freesound and Audacity to enhance and combine the sounds, for instance the crystals sounds is a combination of 5 sounds from freesound. Audacity is awesome for doing this.
Aseprite is for me the best tool for pixel art, there is a free version of Aseprite named LibreSprite