Gamepad and AxisPOV

There is only one AxisPOV in setups and it’s values are -100 for left, 100 for right and 0 if not pressed. But what about up and down? When I save axis value in the variable, it returns 0 for up and -8.74228e-006 for down directions.

And Get the value of the axis of a joystick does not get anything from any axis.

Checked with all my gamepads: original XBox 360 controller, Logitech wanabe XBox 360 controller and PlayStation 2 controller (this one doesn’t work at all).

Admin edit:
If you search how add controller/gamepad support, you can now add an extension to your game. Follow this link for know how..
And this link for see the change log of the extension.

Come on, really?

There isn’t any standard about joypad axis, did you test displaying the value of all axis? The up/down value should be in one of them :slight_smile:

Yes, I did.
AxisX - left-right for left analog stick
AxisY - up-down for left analog stick
AxisZ - left and right trigger
AxisR - up-down for right analog stick
AxisU - left-right for right analog stick
AxisV - constantly returns -100 no matter what you pressing or tilting
AxisPOV - left-right POV switch (d-pad)

Axis names I took from “The value of the axis of joystick” action.

Add: Actually, AxisPOV return data from all of dpad directions, but values aren’t proper. 0 for up, -8.74228e-006 for down, 70.7107 for both right diagonal directions and -70.7107 for both left diagonal directions.

No any answer again?

Sounds like you solved this on your own. Use values you get. Or you just have a broken pad.

You see, there is one problem.
You can’t use 0 value for up, cuz this is value for button not pressed.
Value for down direction… it’s not even a value.
Diagonals use SAME value for two DIFFERENT directions. Which is completely useless.
The function is broken, not my gamepads.

Did you calibrate your gamepad?
Joysticks features are direct mapping of SFML joystick support, and SFML was already used for lots of game, so such a bug would have been detected a long time ago (I hope :smiley: ).

Tried with another one? My pad shows on POV (d-pad as well, when analog is on) 0 - nothing, 1/-1 - horizontal, 2/-2 vertical, 3/-3 up-right/down-left, 4/-4 up-left/down-right

Also do you really need all axis? Most games require only left analog if anything+buttons, both analogs in case of twin stick shooters. Also with all pads I had contact with, when analogs are off d-pad “reports” as if it was first analog stick.


Yes I did. Works perfectly with games, emulators, Joy to Key and other stuff. And with XBox360.

As I said in the first post, checked with all my gamepads: original XBox 360 controller, Logitech wanabe XBox 360 controller and PlayStation®©™ 2®©™ controller®©™ (this one doesn’t work at all).
There is no any response on PlayStation®©™ 2®©™ controller®©™ and on Logitech F310 controller in Directinput mode.
In Xinput mode it works just like XBox 360 controller but anyway GD return improper values for D-pad.


Yes I do. In games with menus (RPG for ex) it is very naturally and convinient to use D-pad to scroll through menus. With analog stick thing, that was designed to organise and support player will become his worst menace.

Now, Darkhog, which OS do you use?
Florian, how friendly this SFML stuff with Windows dammit Seven? -_________________-"

Chill out dude. SFML is a library/framework. Check out their site here:

That’s what GD uses for various stuff like graphics, audio, etc…