Gamepad Identifiers

My controller identifier changes every time I turn it off and on I saw this post

Do I just have to repeat the input events in all 4 identifiers?

Something else in your system is changing the Identifier. The hardware should never change it’s order ID unless you have another gamepad in the system before it, because the Identifiers work based off the concept of “order of device connected”

It shouldn’t be possible to be Gamepad HID (Human Interface Device) #2 unless there is also a Gamepad #1 and Gamepad #0 in device manager. So either you’ve got something else (like gamepad emulators making a gamepad behave like an Xbox controller, or something), or something very wrong in windows.

You could try making it work for all 4 identifiers, as a workaround for your specific scenario.

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That was it thanks. I uninstalled my vjoy driver and it fixed it.