Gamepad Stick Released (Axis) Condition

Not really sure if this is a GDevelop extension… it dosent say “Community” on it, but there are credits being attributed, so, just in case…

Like the title says, please add, if possible, a condition for the Gamepad extension that checks if the “Stick” has just been released, sort of like the regular buttons and keys have.

This could have saved me hours of work today :frowning: id love this thing so much…

I ended making my own system to check if the stick had been released with variables.

This was essential to make the controller joystick work on the top down movement iv been working on.

…so again, if at all possible, id really love this! :smiley:

Extensions not tagged as Community Extension are official and reviewed extensions, and most were once community extensions.
I don’t know if these extensions are contributory (even community extensions, please someone reply me), however, you can edit these extensions yourself for yourself and even export them as JSON for reuse.
I don’t think this is difficult, you might just add Action function and copy paste these events?
Extensions are useful, anyone can create them and contribute to the repository.

I have no idea how making extensions work, i havent tried making one or looked into the matter. When i have some time ill look it up :slight_smile:

…but for now the feature request stands if at all possible :slight_smile:

As it turns out… i spoke too soon.

My release system wasent actually needed to make what i wanted and if anything it just made it way more complex… but i suppose making it let me get to the end result, so it wasent a waste.

Still, if this was a condition in the first place, it would have been a great help!

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