Gamepads and firefox

I have an event that lets the user select control type at the beginning of the game.

@Arthuro555 helped me differentiate cleanly between the mouse click and screen touch but with firefox, it won’t let this event select gamepad as an option. Any idea what the problem is? Thank you, Morgan.

If the problem is only on firefox, that is likely either a security feature from firefox blocking gamepad usage if certain conditions are not met (HTTPS, interacted with the page at least once, etc) or a bug with the gamepad extension.

@Bouh Made the extension, maybe he can look into it and see if there is any such bug & fix it?

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Yes, it works fine on chrome. Problem seems to be exclusive to firefox.

I see at least three gamepad conditions, please try to isolate the problematic action, before sharing the project with us here.

Another thing I discovered: the gamepad does register if I don’t have the mouse plugged in. Otherwise, only the touch and mouse register.

I’ve tested gamepad in firefox with the Not-A-Vania example just now, works fine on any gamepad I can test with. (Dualshock 4, Dual Sense, Xbox Series X gamepad)

My best guess may be that your instance of Firefox is treating your gamepad as something other than Gamepad 1? You might consider setting up a text object and an event that sets the text object to the Gamepads::ConnectedGamepadsCount() to see what it thinks the total number of gamepads are.

Thank you for the advice. I added “any button of gamepad _ is pressed” through four and it still didn’t register the controller.

Here’s the game in question if anyone want to give her a whirl: Cy - Cyberpunk Survivors Demo | Play on

The game in the link above working well on my firefox and with my gamepad controller.
I’m using Firefox 115.0.3 (64 bits), and a Xbox 360 wired controller.
I saw no weird warning or error in the console related to the gamepad extension during my playing session.

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Thank you. It must be something particular to my setup.