Game's performance issue on Windows 11?

Hello, sorry for my bad english, so I am currently developing a 2D pixel-art game using GDevelop 5 on Windows 10. However, my playtesters who are on Windows 11 claimed to have encountered performance issues (lagging, FPS drops, button delay) when trying my game build on their devices, even if they have high-end specification.

The project itself is pretty large (20 external Event Sheets; after refactoring), but I believe this shouldn’t be a problem because the game runs smoothly on my low-end Laptop (Windows 10, 4 GB RAM) and runs smoothly as well on a handful of my playtester’s device (also runs on Windows 10).

Can anyone confirm their large projects also lags on Windows 11 or is it just me? Thank you very much!

Windows sometimes doesn’t get it right when choosing to assign gpu power to games. I would recommend your playtested have a look at this and see if your game is using dedicated gpu or is using on-board graphics (low power mode). I’ve had a few games (and GDevelop) which I’ve needed to switch to high performance mode because windows got it wrong.

Thank you for this information. I’ll share the link with my playtesters to see if this fixes it for now.