Introducing SEKALA - our first indie horror project developed using GDevelop 5!

Greetings, I’m from Qyuphix, an indie video game developer team based in Indonesia. We’re currently developing our first indie horror game Sekala.

About Sekala

With a theme inspired by cult-classic indie game OMORI. Experience a gripping narrative journey in this horror adventure. Follow Kala, a college student trapped in a trauma related to death, as he tries to survive encounters with morbid creatures!

Sekala | Pre-Alpha Reveal Trailer


  • Explore a small town and interact with its’ people
  • Uncover the mystery behind Kala’s traumatic past
  • Terrifying creatures with various behavior

You’re welcome to ask me anything regarding the game and I’ll answer as many as I possibly can.

If you’re interested, please check out the game on Steam!

Thank you very much.


Looks nice, All the Best on your Game development journey!


Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you so much!

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