GD Coins, possibile features

Introduction to GD Coins:
GD Coins are a virtual currency designed to enhance the user experience within the GDevelop ecosystem, spanning across the GDevelop game development platform and the website. These coins serve as a versatile tool for users to unlock various features (Like marketing their game on, access exclusive content (Like the asset pack), and participate in community-driven activities.

Utilizing GD Coins within GDevelop Ecosystem:

  1. Premium Features Unlock: Users can utilize GD Coins to unlock premium features within the GDevelop game development platform, such as more cloud build, additional space for their cloud project, and enhanced exporting options. This allows users to tailor their development experience to their specific needs and preferences.

  2. Exclusive Content Access: [This is already in the ecosystem, but i wanted to say it anyway] GD Coins enable access to exclusive content, including premium game assets, soundtracks, and graphical resources, additional templates, available on the Gdevelop website. This incentivizes users to engage with the platform and rewards them for their contributions to the community.

  3. Community Engagement: GD Coins can be earned through various community engagement activities, such as participating in forums, submitting tutorials, and providing feedback on other users’ projects. This fosters a sense of community spirit and encourages active participation within the GDevelop community.

Integration with

  1. Monetization Opportunities: Developers can monetize their games by offering in-game purchases using GD Coins. This includes selling virtual goods, cosmetic items, and additional content directly within their games. By leveraging GD Coins as a digital currency, developers can generate revenue while providing value to players.

  2. Exclusive Events and Contests: can host exclusive events and contests where users can earn GD Coins as rewards for participating or achieving specific milestones. This incentivizes user engagement and promotes healthy competition within the community.

Advantages of In-Game Purchases with GD Coins:

  1. Enhanced Monetization: Integrating in-game purchases with GD Coins provides developers with a flexible and scalable monetization strategy. It allows developers to generate revenue beyond the initial game purchase, creating a sustainable income stream.

  2. Player Retention: In-game purchases incentivize player engagement and retention by offering tangible rewards and incentives for continued gameplay. This enhances the overall player experience and encourages long-term investment in the game.

  3. Community-driven Economy: GD Coins create a vibrant and dynamic economy within the GDevelop ecosystem, driven by community interaction and participation. This fosters a thriving marketplace where users can exchange goods and services, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the platform.

  4. Flexible Payment Options: In-game purchases with GD Coins provide users with a convenient and flexible payment option, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods. This caters to a diverse audience and promotes accessibility for users worldwide.

In conclusion, the integration of GD Coins within the GDevelop ecosystem and offers a multitude of benefits for both users and developers alike. From unlocking premium features to facilitating in-game purchases, GD Coins enrich the user experience, foster community engagement, and provide sustainable monetization opportunities for developers.

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Cloud build, and export for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are services, these are not features inside GDevelop. I mean you have buttons for that in GDevelop, but the computation and storage is done on online servers.
To compile games on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS servers are used too, compiled exports are outsourced otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to integrate them into GDevelop without additional GB and a lot of dependencies. What’s more, for Mac and iOS, you need a real Apple product to be able to compile for these devices.
It is important to mention these are services and not features integrated into the engine. This make a difference because people could think these are features behind a paywall, while these are external and optional services. The engine is free, the services have free and paid plans.