feedback button option

So I’ve been trying to use on mobile to test my project.
But when the game is run, it comes with a feedback button at the bottom right corner.
The button is sort of… in the way.
One might say to just change the location of the on-screen game buttons, even if just for the testing. However, the way I see it, that seems rather counter-productive. I consider it as part of the test how comfortable would the buttons be at their particular locations with regard to the positioning of the player’s hand and ease of reaching to press said buttons. That as well as trying to keep a decent balance between the game scene and the user interface.

So basically, I just wanted to ask, is there some way to move that feedback button to a more convenient location?

  • The game scene used in the example is not mine, it’s from Top-Down Sci-fi Shooter Pack by Tatermand on
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Agreed. The button should be below the preview.