GD Virtual Keyboard on Mobile?

Hii, I’m new in here and I’m happy to find this helpful forum.

So, I’m currently making a Mobile Android game usin GD inside my Apps (which I made by Android Studio). And GD doesn’t have a virtual keyboard for Android devices. I’ve found someone who made the virtual keyboard but I don’t know how to implement that on GD. Does anyone know how? I’ll be glad if anyone could explain me the way.

here is the link :


Thanks in advance!
Have a great day, y’all :smile_cat: :blush:

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Looks like support for mobile keyboards is coming in next release :slight_smile:



This feature will come as an extension !
It’s working well but we have yet a little bug :slight_smile:


thank you for letting me know :blush:

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thank you! I’m looking forward to it :heart_eyes:

Does anybody know of a tutorial that shows how to implement the virtual keyboard to show text in a text object on a mobile?