Gdevapp editing with gdevelop software

How can I edit gdevapp with gdevelop software?

I don’t think you can :frowning: Unless Gdevapp can export to gdg files or something.

Actually, it can. :wink:

You can download the project file (json) by clicking on the top left corner on the project name (on the date and time) and you can open the project file in GDevelop. If I can remember, you need to copy all your images in to the same folder as the json file but maybe you need to reimport all of them.
If you don’t have the images you can download them by clicking on export in the top left corner.

You can even export json from GDevelop and import it in to GDevApp :slight_smile:
Keep in mind GDevApp is not fully compatible with GDevelop, some features are missing from GDevApp so when you import a GDevelop project in to GDevApp may not everything going to work and you need to reimport all your images I believe, since you can’t upload images directly to GDevApp, you can only link images from dropbox.

Really, I don’t think it worth it to move projects between GDevApp and GDevelop.
Originally, 4ian did want to make GDevelop and GDevApp fully compatible with each other and be able to take your project on the go with GDevApp, but it didn’t worked out that way, GDevApp is way more limited compared to GDevelop.

nah, this is just to save time.
I’ll just add the additional features using gdevelop, and thanks for the reply!!!