Gdevapp licence

Hi I’ve just started using gdevapp and I love it

I see on … al/license it says that "Games exported with GDevelop are based on the native and/or HTML5 platforms: these platforms are distributed under the LPGL v3 license, so that you can distribute, sell or do anything with the games you created with GDevelop. In particular, you are not forced to make your game open source. "
And some free app development tools say something like “no one other than you will look at your code unless you make it public”
Do these conditions also apply to gdevapp?

I cannot find this info anywhere on the gdevapp site :frowning:

I believe if this type of information was clearly displayed on the gdevapp site, it will give peace of mind to potential developers and therefore increase the number of users

Thank you very much and I hope to see the gdevapp community continue to grow!


GdevApp use basically the same code of GDevelop so i think that rules is the same for both.
Don’t worrie you can distribute too with GDevapp

In fact, GDevApp is using GDevelop.js which is distributed under MIT license: … icense.txt

Yeah, pretty sure there is no restrictions regarding publishing games but just to play on the safe side, it would be nice to be mentioned on the GDevApp website for legal purposes :neutral_face: