GDevelop 3.6.79

I have a Core 2 Duo :frowning: … But no problems here now :smiley:

Sounds like a great idea. And Darkhog, to edit your posts, please edit them :wink:

Tested, (by putting a “Hey, the function is executed” message when the rendering is done) no related to this function (only called when something is changed inside the event tab).

blurymind you were right! I have not noticed because I use quadcores here, but you are right!
When events tab is opened, the cpu usage goes to the sky and do not stop.

Using ubuntu, xubuntu and Debian… all of then with the same problem.
Using Intel core i5 and i7
With these machines one core reaches 100% always and get fixed there.

In an old celeron with ubuntustudio( xfce, and low latency kernel ), the cpu reaches 50% when in events tab, but in scenes tab it gets about 13-14%.

Darkhog’s suggestion works fine on all of these machines: You can run( for now ) gdevelop via wine, without problems. The Cpu usage is about that 13-15%

:question: Can a Windows user confirm this bug?, or a Linux user confirm that this bug is not present? To get some info about the OS.

The bug is already known (discussed some weeks ago with blurymind) and happens only on Linux (which can indicate that it’s not a GDevelop bug but rather a wxWidgets bug…).

Arent wxWidgets used in other tabs? Why is it eating so much cpu specifically in the events tab?

This is a serious bug - especially if you are on a laptop.
Is there a way to find the issue by disabling parts of the code?
Maybe even worth checking older versions of gdevelop to find out when the regression happened?

It is bad enough that gdevelop doesnt have any debugging/profiling tools for html5 games. It doesnt have a way to profile itself.

Oh! :imp: I appreciate feedbacks but I do not like at all this kind of comment.
GDevelop is a program, so it won’t debug itself. The events editor is properly coded for sure, it run well on Windows and Mac OS, so surely there is a platform specific issue on Linux we aren’t aware of.
So Victor and I have to spend our own time to check why the hell is there a difference between platforms… Victor already started and said that it is not related to the rendering function which is called normally.

Maybe next I create a software that is useful, I won’t port it to Linux and stay with the large majority of users downloading GD for Windows. This way, I won’t have any platform specific issues bothering me and driving users angry you see? :wink:

Seriously, I know this is annoying, but think about a bug that would crash games, corrupt game saves, freeze games after playing to it 5 minutes, or a memory leak that force GD to quit after 10 minutes. These would be serious bug.
Again I understand you’re frustated, but please avoid these kind of comments. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you are sure it is wxgtk and not some other library ,
Does wxgtk have any profiling/memory checking tools?

It is a serious bug for me.
Could you file it at the wxgtk mailing list? :frowning:

gdevelop being open source means that those guys can have a look at it too.

Please dont take the criticism personally.
There is no profiling or debugging for html5 games yet - for the editor on all platforms. So it wont make any difference if a linux user makes that statement or a windows user.
You are blaming the entire operating system for a compatibility problem in the engine again. It was the same when I made a feature request for the file dialog image preview on linux.

Maybe some other linux user will come along and fix the bug for linux users. At least thats the advantage of it being open source. But it needs to be filed as a bug report at the relevant channels.

If I file it here and developers say - not our problem, its linux… Then obviously the bug needs to be filed at the bug tracker of the library with the bug. Thanks for trying to find it anyways :slight_smile:
If I notice a bug, I report it! Some times its for all platforms. I did not know its linux only at first.

I will try not to make bitter statements, but i cant yet use the engine seriously with a bug like that on my laptop. Maybe if I had a quad core pc like some of the other users.
Whats the point of a native port when running it with wine is actually better.

Victor, if it’s not rendering related, then maybe there’s something that is constantly looping through events when event tab is opened? In cases like this, loops are main suspects.

There are no loops (I mean main loops because wxWidgets manage them itself).
I’ve found a workaround, detach the event tab (just drag it) and put it under/over the scene editor : the CPU consumption is much lower then (and that’s even stranger)

Hm… Maybe it’s wxWidgets’ dock/tab manager that is a problem?

Yeah, it’s not that it’s never us, but here, it really seems that wxAui (the advanced UI manager for dock and dockable tabs) is bugged (by the way, it’s not the only bug we’re getting from this module…).

If it’s possible, maybe you could patch it and send patch along with a bug report to wxWidgets’ developers?

That is very strange. Thank you!

I mean it’s obviously not resolving the bug, but I feel that you are getting closer to the cause. And it is some workaround for me.

I think that Darkhog has the right idea.
Also note that if you help them resolve their bugs, you might also attract their attention to gdevelop. This in turn could attract new experienced developers to gdevelop. Gdevelop is now living in an open source environment , coexisting with other projects. The more you mingle with those guys and other open source projects, the better for gdevelop. make yourself know at their mailing lists. :slight_smile:

You dont have to patch their code. For starters submit an educated bug report - something that you can do much better than me.

The new “cursor is on a sprite object” function is not working in game previews.

Firefox debug console : “TypeError: gdjs.evtTools.input.cursorOnObject is not a function.”

Exporting the game and running it still appears to work though.

It is also is not backwards compatible, which means I have to change that function in all my games I port over to the new version of GD. It also renders many of the tutorials I have on Youtube wrong, as this function is no longer in the same place on the menu.

Could the “cursor is on a sprite” function please be in both mouse functions AND sprite functions, to maintain backwards compatibility?

That should not be the case. Can you send me your game file?
Newer versions should always be backward compatible.

For the menu, I can add an entry to avoid confusion in video tutorials using the old position in the menu. (But it’s much more consistent now :slight_smile: )

The function exists (and you say it works when exported) : you may need to force a cache update in your web browser.

Add an erratum text in your videos (as a subtitle) directly in the player.
And/or add a text in the video description.

Users aren’t completely dumb: if they can’t find a function which is clearly in the video feed, they will look somewhere else in the menus.

Thanks Victor. This worked. It also fixed the backward compatibility issue.

This is a good idea. I’ll go back and do that if the function remains no longer in sprite actions.

Cool! So, so far no major bugs except for this kind of corrupt zip file and your concerns about position of the condition in the list? :slight_smile: