GDevelop 4.0.94

GDevelop 4.0.94 is available! Here are the changes and new features since the last version:

New Inventory extension. This allows to store one or more inventories in memory, where items can be added, removed, marked as equipped…
New Anchor behavior. This allows to automatically position objects near the edge of the window, even if the game window was resized. (@victorlevasseur )
New SystemInfo extension with a condition to check if the game is running on mobile.
Add expression to retrieve the number of subitems from a structure variable (thanks @Wend1go!)
Fix music looping in HTML5 games
Fix loading stored values set to 0/empty string in HTML5 games
Fix name of pasted scenes/external events/layouts having an extra space.
Fix platformer objects stuck in floor when resized when the origin is not at the top left of the object
Texture loading optimization (@victorlevasseur )
Improve HTML5 games performance by avoiding internal allocations in the game engine.
Expand/Collapse instructions categories when user clicks on them (@victorlevasseur )
New Link event editor, with support for linking to an events group from another scene (@victorlevasseur )
Optimize collisions detection for objects with very large number of hitboxes (like Tilemap objects) (@victorlevasseur )
Fix link events not working properly when multiple scene linked to the same events
Fix C++ Event editor adding empty line to the includes (@victorlevasseur )
Fixes for Fedora 24 (@victorlevasseur )
Fixes for a few potential crash thanks to @victorlevasseur
Fix “Custom size” and “Custom viewports” not displayed in layer properties
Support custom port number in actions to send a HTTP request and download a file.


You can download the update from the website or from GitHub as usual.
Ubuntu version will be updated soon.

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I’m less active on the forum as I’m working on Lil BUB’s HELLO EARTH, a game made with GDevelop starring the famous cat Lil BUB. Feel free to try it on - it’s available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows :slight_smile:

GDevelop 4.0.94 should be available in the next hours for Fedora, Arch linux and OpenSUSE.

Thanks for update. :slight_smile:

Oh cool! Looking forward to using that.
Awesome update! :smiley:

Thank you! Keep on great work!

Yeah, finally I forgot to thank you for the update… Thanks! :smiley:

Just in case if anyone interested, I have updated my inventory example, it using the inventory extension now:

Any idea when the Linux version is going to get pushed out? I’m quite keen to try out the Inventory functionality but when I tried to update my box yesterday it reported I’m already on the latest version (.92).


It is surprising it still not available for Linux , normally it out within a week or two from the Windows release except there is something really wrong with the Linux build :frowning:
Anyway, last time I tried, the Windows version worked perfectly through Wine, it didn’t required any tweaks, just worked out of the box maybe you can use it that way until you get the Linux version.

That’s a good shout. I’ll give it a go tonight. I was planning on compiling the latest version from Github but wasn’t sure if that would be a less stable nightly build rather than .94 but Wine would be a much easier way of doing it.

Thanks for the advice.

Horray yaa! :smiley: Thanks for updates Hey yo! you could write some introduction for Gdevelop on some platform like Packt, tutplus etc.

This engine is great and should be more popular. I hope it will be cross platform for Android, iOS, Linux, OsX, Windows and consoles soon :slight_smile:

hi , When the ubuntu version was published?

Why for Fedora, Arch and OpenSuse, GDevelop version is 4.0.94, but for Ubuntu is 4.0.92?

Hi guys,

I can’t find version 4 for Mac anywhere on the download page

Is there somewhere i can download it?

I’ve removed as it’s not stable and I highly recommend using GD5, which is fully compatible with macOS and Linux.
In case you need it, you can find it on GitHub:
but I’m won’t be doing any support for this version on macOS!


Thank you. This link is for Mac OSX right?

Click on it and the file called “GDevelop.pkg” is for macOS.

Hi 4ian:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thank you sooo much for your work Florian Rival. I cannot thank you enough. You also added layer time scale, a lot thanks for that :mrgreen:

Hey Florian I am looking for the Linux version GD4 I can’t find it. Using the repo method just returns a 404 error.