Gdevelop 5 build and download takes forever

I just using Gdevelop for making my simple app (generating random images) and i want to export my prototype to apk.

There is no problem with “game export” and “Upload to build service”, but the “Build and Download” step is longer than I expected.

The process has been taken for more than 2 hours (and it still processing).
Is it normal to be like this? or there is any problem with the app?

At first, retry. If not, check your internet connection.

I had the same problem when I tried to export a 3~4GB project, maybe your project is too heavy?

Keep in mind that the online build server is meant to have a project limit of like, 100-200 mb. I believe anything larger than that you’re either going to time out or give you a rejection notice.

If your project is past that point, you’ll want to look up building your game locally:

Desktop: Publish your game to Windows, macOS and Linux manually using Electron and Electron Builder [GDevelop wiki]

Android & iOS: Publish your game to Android and iOS manually using Cordova [GDevelop wiki]