GDevelop 5 export to Windows

How can i now export a Project to Windows?
Is there somthing like Adobe Phonegap but for Windows?

There are some options out there, for example 4ian is using Electron to build the desktop version of GD5, I don’t know how straightforward is though :neutral_face:

THX for answer. I will try it. Maybe the Devs will add a way to export to .exe.

They will but it might be a paid feature. It may or may not but 4ian is about to make a decision to offer a build service to export to other than HTML5… It is going to export to Android first but eventually to all platforms and according to plans it will be a paid option.

Otherwise NW.js is also an option to wrap HTML5 games in to Windows, Mac and Linux executables:
It is pretty simple, literally you just need to copy your game in to a folder and done. You can also zip-it and merge the file to offer a single executable.

OK, i tried and electron but i cannot make it work. I just only get a window with a bluescreen. If i convert the game to .apk it works.

It is very simple :confused:

  1. Download NW.js (NORMAL):
  2. Extract the files
  3. inside the nw folder create a new folder, call it www
  4. copy/export your HTML5 game in to the www folder
  5. inside the nw folder create a new file called package.json containing the following code:

{ "name": "MyGame", "main": "www/index.html" }

When you run nw.exe it should launch whatever you have in the www folder.

To see what else you can do with package.json file and how to merge everything in to a single executable refer to the documentation:

I plan to make a full tutorial on this, but I just didn’t have the time yet.

THX ddabrahim!
You helped me a lot!
I found this nice Programm today.
With this Programm i converted the nw.exe with the index,html to a full standalone executable.