GDevelop 5 network request lags the game

I’ve been using the GDevelop pre-installed network extension to make an online “multiplayer”, I hosted it on localhost:80 and everything is alright, but when I changed the host to a subdomain on and tried it and the game lagged so much when requesting, so if someone can help me I will be grateful.

This extension is not made at all for a multiplayer game. It is made for networking. Example: sending a small request to get the time from a server, smaller request to check if daily reward is available, not multiplayer, it requires way too much requests. If you are experienced enough to make a backend, I guess you should be able to use Js events. In that case use I can certify you it is possible as I did it and so did Erigatohishima.

Many thanks! Just one more thing , i saw on previous topics that you’re working on a multiplayer extension and I was curious how is the progress. And again many thanks!