GDevelop-5: Physic Engine 2.0 Global Settings

Where do I find and set GLOBAL settings for Physics Engine 2.0 gravity, timescale and scale?

Can edit in the project JSON file - however looking for a way to do it in the game editor

“behaviorsSharedData”: [
“name”: “Physics2”,
“type”: “Physics2::Physics2Behavior”,
“gravityX”: 0,
“gravityY”: 9.80665,
“scaleX”: 100,
“scaleY”: 100

Each object has its own settings when you add the Physics behaviour to it.
I think you shouldn’t need to edit these.
If you want to modify the settings for several objects at the same time, group them.

The individual object settings in the physics behavior is limited to gravity scale - at least in GD5.0.0 - which would be relative to the GLOBAL gravity vector. No settings for time scale or world scale that I can find. The global physics scaleX and scaleY are important from a unit conversion perspective - pixels/meter of measure.

Since time and length are the fundamental physics engine metrics, most all other physical world quantities are derived from knowing what the world settings are. Linear quantities reported by the physics engine are represented as pixels/unit, so in converting to physical quantities like velocity,acceleration and mass, knowing the world scale becomes fairly important in my estimation.

The documentation implies the global physics values are available - I’m just looking for a way to verify or modify the settings in the editor.

You can modify these options via an action in the events. Avoid editing the game.json file as much as possible

An example/screenshot please, Bouh?

In events > add actions > Physic 2.0 > global

Project Manager → scenes → ‘MyScene’ → more options → edit scene properties