GDevelop 5 tutorial Youtube channel

Yes, the questions are often the same.
Let’s try to make a list of them, it’s important to know what needs to be improved!

New users I don’t know where they come from or if they follow a written wiki tutorial, a youtube video, or if they try the software directly.

The question is how users find the resources to learn.
Because it is clear that they use them badly, or that they do not find them, otherwise we would not have X question on same subject.

So users have trouble with it (If you have idea add it to this list, copy/paste the list) :

  • Audio files that do not work as they wish because they do not read the message/description. Difference between music and sound.
  • Video files, which require interaction before the video can be played back.
  • The multitouch which has different conditions than the mouse.
  • The gamepad/controllers that are via an extension.

We need more visibility, here a mockup


what you are talking about in the first part of your comment, is something similar that Epic’s Unreal Academy. I would be wery happy, if I would see somebody here made the GDevelop Academy. in similar detail and similary demanding than Epic does! and of course it needs to be “official” somehow. this would be great! if anybody plannig to do something like this, I recommend look at it first. its totally free.


there is a misunderstanding about GDevelop.
before I came here, I’m looking for an easy to use “drag and drop” game engine, which does not require any programming knowledge. I found the “Gamefromscratch” YT channel ( ) which is known almost all of the exixting game engines, and it is up to date. so I thought he knew what he was talking about. he told somewhere, that GDevelop is one of them. I belived him. after a few weeks of trying and failing, I had to realize that he was wrong. then I looked at GDevelop’s home page more carefully, and I could not find any reference to this.

GDevelop never promised that you do not need programming knowledge!

I just want to say that everyone has found this wonderful software differently, and unfortunately, not always clear what the situation is.

It is the goal of GDevelop to be a software that let anyone create games without the need to learn a programming language. It is what the creator 4ian said, and as somebody who runs a “game making club”, I can tell that it hit that goal. Of course if you want to create advanced stuff you need to code, but in most cases you won’t need to. Why do you think there is the need to know how to code for using GDevelop? Where do you even use code?

It is the basic algorithmic that we need in GD, it’s just small logic, users need to take the time to pose the problem and think about how to fix it.
To do this users need to know the fundamentals and concept of the engine it is not something you can invent.
I think we need to promote the concepts through a step-by-step tutorials inside GD.
This way it’s official and contributors can improve it over time.


I don’t know exactly what you mean by “code”. I didn’t mention code anywhere. what I’m talking about is the basics of programming.
in other worlds:

since then I see people facing the same problems that i ran into. to ask the same questions over and over again: “why this isn’t working, when it should”. human logic Vs computer logic.

Oh, ok sorry that was because games from scratch described it at something where there is no need to code so I misunderstood you.

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