gDevelop app embedded in a multi-user mysql web app

Let’s say we have a shared hosting with a web php app back-end, handle a mysql of users data, with javascript at front-end if needed… and user authentication to log-in and play an exported HTML5 gDevelop app in a manner that the logged in user identified by the gDevelop app so it could then save some new data in the mysql for the identified user…
…any hints, how to implement the logged in user identification, inside the gDevelop app?

Sure you can take a look here in the example I send the player score to a MySQL database and the web itself is a PHP bootstrap custom made.

Look in the footer links there is a GDevelop project sample, the backend part on the server is up to you to develop.

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many many thanks for your answer!
…so if i understand correct, at the backend with the php web app, new users signed up…
and at the gdevelop app one user must also sign in and checked if exists to identified…

the question is: …one user signed in at the backend, and then execute the embedded gdevelop app, is it possible for the gdevelop app to get the user who executed it?