GDevelop crashes whenever I link any External Event...

Hi, I was using GDevelop on Windows and emigrated to Lubuntu.

Well, since then, I lost 2 days of development trying to figure out what is the cause of this annoying following situation.

Well, I set up an external event. Then went to main scene, events tab and linked the external event there.

Press play and GDevelop crashes. Every freaking time.

If I delete my linked external event, press play and the game opens up.

I’m very frustrated cause I do not intend to go back to Windows just to make GDevelop to run properly, I want to use it on Lubuntu. I’ll be very relieved if anyone would help me with that. Thanks.

Hello !!

I suppose the problem is known, since i documented the (almost) same problem on windows.

Wich version of GDevelop are you using ? Wich version of Lubuntu ?

Hello. So, I installed the PPA version from GDevelop main site, I wonder what version of GDevelop I’m using, is there any way to see that? In case of Lubuntu, it’s the 16.04 LTS version. Thanks

PPA ? Excuse me but i’m not really familiar with Linux and Ubuntu.

You should be able to find the version number in a “about Gdevelop” section (sorry i don’t remember where it is and i don’t have GDevelop installed here).

I’m now using the latest stable version. 4.0.94.

Also, I did a test compiling the source code from github [gd-master] yesterday, tested it and the error remains the same. :frowning:

Are the external events empty?

No, they are not. Events inside my main scene were getting bigger, so I decided to cut some amount and put them inside external, just for organization purposes.

So it’s an uknown bug… we have to wait for @4ian.
Do you see something like an error message if you launch GD from a console?, that would be useful to make a post in the Bug Reports topic, or open an issue in GitHub.

I did a test moving the content from a external event to the main one and the game runs as it should [it’s bigger though, but it’s what we have for now]. Apparently those weird random crashes stopped, at least for now.