GDevelop Desktop Shortcut

When I update GDevelop to it’s latest version, the icon I have on my desktop turns into a broken, useless shortcut. So to get the update to install properly, I have to reinstall the editor each time.

Things are different this time though, I recently installed the latest version (Beta 104 as the website provided), but I don’t have a desktop icon this time (I deleted the shortcut icon). I’m checking my start menu, but I don’t see anything. I reinstalled GDevelop, but there is no icon on my Desktop, Start menu, Taskbar, or any of my files. I can’t even find it in the Windows C: folder.

Despite that, when I reinstall the editor, it automatically opens up and works perfectly fine, so I KNOW it’s on my computer somewhere.

Can somebody please help? When GDevelop is installed, which folder in my filesystem does the startup icon go to (So I can copy it onto desktop). Also, is there some sort of special preference I can do to make the installer create a desktop icon automatically?


I had a similar problem with the last update. The directory of Gdevelop on my computer is: Users > my_username > AppData > Local > Programs > gdevelop