GDevelop doesn't accept JSON Tilemap

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to set up Tilemaps in my project, but using Tiled and exporting to .json doesn’t seem to work with GDevelop…

It simply doesn’t want to accept the file input sadly…
Maybe I’m doing smth wrong? I went strictly according to tutorials

Thanks in advance for help ^^

Came to say I’m having issues with this as well :upside_down_face:
I follow the same steps to every tutorial I can find and all I get when I try to drag the map I’ve made in Tiled is a little red x.

Please for the love of god someone be able to help with this.

There are numerous example projects and threads with info on using tiled tilemaps, so it may be something specific to your set up.

For some things to check:

  1. If it’s not accepting the file input, you may be selecting the wrong thing or place.
  2. Ensure you’re exporting as json using the export menu, not the save as menu. Also ensure you select json from the file type dropdown, don’t leave it as .tmj then just save it as .json
  3. Ensure your tilemap has a defined size. If your tilemap is set to “infinite” it will not work on almost any engine, GDevelop included.
  4. Ensure your tileset atlas image is under 2000x2000, just like any other sprite.
  5. Ensure you’re actually embedding your tileset file (described on the wiki), or that you are also including your tileset file and atlas image in your tilemap object. The tileset atlas and tileset file (also a json) are separate files, just adding the atlas alone will not do anything unless you’ve embedded the tileset into the tilemap.