GDevelop & DOM Elements Working together

Hello everyone and a happy new year,

I wanted to ask if one of you has ever made DOM Elements work with Gdevelop together, like calling Functions on a Behavior for example, or if it is possible in general. The goal is to build a simple inventory that displays and processes JSON files via a HTML/CSS/JS Iframe

I haven’t seen a test like this yet.
It is technically possible.
It would be a great thing to use HTML elements to have buttons, checkboxes, input, and why not other things, all this can be contained in an extension.

As far i know the only one extension to use an HTML element isthis one (the element is hidden in background for trigger an input text on mobile, it is very bugged)

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Thanks, yes, I’m thinking about something like that right now. There is something similar already for Construct

after a little back and forth jquery and jquery ui started to work


Impressive, you are so fast!

im trying to get an iframe in a scene with JS do you think is possible ?

I had tried to load an iframe, it kinda works, but it doesn’t help you because you can’t call a function inside your iframe that communicates with the game.

so what i did is i created the window and all the elements inside of gdevelop, by including jquery, jquery ui and a template engine, so you can call the internal functions from gdevelop.

you can check out @Bouh’s gamepad plugin to see how you would structure such an project

im just tryin to display a web page or antoher game that i made in the past using JavaClic i try this

var iframe = document.createElement(‘iframe’);

iframe.setAttribute(‘width’, ‘560’);

iframe.setAttribute(‘height’, ‘315’);

iframe.align = ‘center’

iframe.src = ‘Jardin de Ninos’;

document.body.appendChild(iframe); = “absolute” = 1000;

and it work just hope to find a way to make it more responsive or make posible to adjust de iframe window in the game scene.