GDevelop Easter 2020 Game Jam (aka CoronaJam)


Stuck at home because of the Coronavirus lockdown? Feeling bored? The GDevelop team got you covered! Let’s turn this difficult situation into something positive and creative, right?

The rules for this jam are:

  • Make a game using GDevelop (4 or 5), on your own or as a team.

  • Submit your game within one week from jam start (exact deadline is: Sunday, 26th of April, 23:59 GMT.) by uploading the zipped game project on and sharing the link below in this topic, or sharing a ready to play hosted link (GDevelop online Web build, or, Kongregate, etc.)

  • Don’t use pre-made assets.

  • Respect the theme: Stay (the heck) at home!

Voting will be open to every forum member until the following Sunday (May, 3rd, 23:59 GMT.) The winner will be announced at that time.

If you get stuck while crafting your game, feel free to ask for help in the #help-for-games-creation section or the Discord server.

Stay safe and healthy!


The theme has been revealed!
Feeling inspired? :grin:

I really don’t know if is the right place to show you the game, but thi is mine:

Sorry, but has Italian tutorial


Mammamia! I like it, but the hospital image is not very clear. Also you absolutely need to translate the tutorial

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Thanks. Now it’s transalated (by big G :grin: )

Attention everyone! The CoronaJam is now finished!
Big thanks to @Bouh and @jumpingj for submitting their games!
Here are the two entries:


Time to play and vote now!
Try both games and give your vote to the game you like the most. It’s hard, I know! :weary:
If you cannot pick a favorite, try to mark each game on the following aspects: respect of the theme, innovation, art, gameplay and fun.
The poll will remain open for one week, after what the winner will receive all the imaginary rewards this jam had to offer. :partying_face:

  • Don’t go outside by Bouh
  • Home or Die by jumpingj

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The vote has ended :slight_smile:
Congratulations to @jumpingj :partying_face:
Thank you both and thanks to the voters :wink:
I made a game too, but I started it before the jam, so I didn’t submit it and took my time to finish it. :sweat_smile:

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It looks like the Simpsons house! I’ve found no bug until day 10

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You are the winner. I love how you manage texts and color change.

Well done, good game to everyone :slight_smile:

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@Tarsio As I say later in the game, I think it looks like that dog from Adventure Time, if you know it. :grin:
I wanted to reflect confinement, so I made the game boring at the beginning, like it takes time to get used to being stuck at home and to find new ways to entertain yourself… but I guess 15 levels of boredom was too much :sweat_smile: It’s hard to evaluate how much boredom was acceptable, because I tested it sooo much I was sick of it. :joy: Starting day 16, I play with layer effects, it gets much more challenging. There are 30 days in total.
@jumpingj it was good practice of the dialogue tree! I learned some new tricks that I did not need for making the GDSolver (and flagged some bugs for future users. :grin:)

Thanks guys :slight_smile: