Gdevelop export interactions with NVIDIA shadow play recorder?

Hello all. I’m having someone tell me that they can’t record video of my exported game (that is launched on steam) with NVIDIA shadow play recorder. I haven’t heard of this until today so I have no idea of what the issue could be. They say that they think the game isn’t actually going fullscreen. Any ideas? @arthuro555 - sorry to tag you so much but do you have any thoughts on this?

I do not have experience with that issue, but from a quick Google search it seems most likely that the issue is out of our grasp. Shadow play is likely only coded to recognize games made with unity & unreal, no GDevelop and will therefore not record it because it doesn’t think it’s a game. It is also possible that DRM content is open, e.g. if Netflix or Spotify or the likes is open in any browser tab or in an app in the background, the DRM will prevent any recording from being done. If that’s the case, closing all such DRM content using programs and restarting shadow play should fix it.


Thank you for the info, good sir!