Gdevelop export to iOS

Hi, i have made a mobile game in Gdevelop and it works on android with apk file, but i want to run it on iphone also, how do i do this?

export it manually and have a mac cuz u will need it i think

i dont have a mac thats the problem

get the mac iso file and then make a virtual machine maybe

You can try with VirtualBox and install a distro of any MacOs

heres the problem people without a mac cant get the iso file for MacOs

Take a look, here How to Install macOS in VirtualBox - Make Tech Easier
here is another in 2020 Install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox | Windows 10 | 2020 Updated - YouTube

Don’t waste time on it… You will be able to export to ios, but you will not be able to put the app in the store…
See this topic:

Gdevelop still doesn’t have a solution for this, and I’ve tried everything, but so far nothing and no one could put the app in the store…

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Do we have any new information?

Hi there! any updates on this?
I can’t find full information/tutorial about anybody succeeding in exporting it manually and uploading to the appstore.
Any new updates on the ios Export solution?

See this thread, exactly last message from lemiota:

If this works for You, please write a feedback. If not, write also :wink:

Thanks for the link. However, I am quite inexpert in following terminal guidelines…:((
I am afraid to mix up everything and I cannot follow all the steps . If any like @The_Gem_Dev would make an easy working step by step video tutorial of all the process until uploading it to the AppStore?:slightly_smiling_face:

I have checked this tutorial Export for Mobile | GDevelop 4 - YouTube though he says you need a Key for the ios¿? where can we get that key and is it mandatory to compress the game for the AppStore? are you getting it after paying the apple fee?¿ (btw, too expensive :disappointed_relieved:)